How to Refresh Old Upholstery and Make New Pieces of Furniture

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Are you looking for a way to breathe new life into your tired and old furniture? This blog post will teach you how to refresh the upholstery of an old piece of furniture or make a new piece from scratch. Upholsterers can take their skills as cabinetmakers, carpenters, metalworkers, and weavers and combine them with those of upholsterers. We’ll discuss everything from how to select materials to techniques for re-covering furniture in this blog post. Belfield Furnishings allows you to get high-quality material for decent price.

Belfield Furnishings

The first step in refreshing an old piece of furniture is to take it apart and sand down the wood. Once the surface has been thoroughly cleaned, you can decide on what type of fabric or new upholstery pieces need to be added to achieve your desired look. Next, attach all new pieces with nails before sewing them together using a heavy-duty needle and thread over the appropriate seams. Finally, reassemble everything back into place so that it looks like brand new!

Get inspiration from DIY experts such as the team over at HGTV with their helpful tips on how to refresh old upholstery and make new furniture pieces from scratch.

Can this be a family project?

-Yes, this can be a great family project if you have all the supplies on hand. A trip to your local fabric store may help with any additional material that is needed and provide an opportunity for everyone in the home to get involved! Depending on how ambitious you are feeling, it’s even possible to reupholster furniture items without taking them apart at all. This requires a lot of patience but produces incredibly satisfying results when there is no fear of damaging things beyond repair.

Take some time today and see what kind of creative projects await for you around the house! You will love yourself for not throwing out old pieces just because they’re showing their age or feel like they need updating.

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