Is it Safe to Travel Long Distance with a Camper Van?

Buying an RVs for Long Distance Travel

Many people have the idea of traveling around in a camper van and seeing the world at their own pace. This is a dream come true for some, but there are many safety considerations to think about before embarking on this adventure!

Safety Considerations for Camper Van Travel:

Know your vehicle limitations. Before renting a motorhome, or looking for an Aliner for sale check out the size of truck you’ll need to transport it and then make sure that’s available at all destinations on your route.

Be sure to pack a roadside emergency kit with flares, jumper cables and water. You never know when you’ll need them! Get an RV insurance policy that covers the van as well as your personal belongings inside of it in case something does happen.

Aliner For Sale

Join AAA or similar clubs who offer discounts on car rentals and hotels along your route so you can have some back up plans if needed. Take care while backing up or parking in small spaces: take extra time to turn around and give yourself plenty of room when reversing into tight spots like gas stations or driveways.

Don’t stop abruptly – slow down gradually before coming to a complete halt! This will help with wear and tear on brakes as well as fuel economy due to wasted energy from sudden braking/acceleration cycles. Drive with your headlights on, even if you’re not the only car on the road. This will help others see and avoid hitting you!

It’s always a good idea to have two drivers: one who drives while the other sleeps. That way there are never any periods of sleep deprivation for either person driving which could lead to fatal accidents due to drowsiness or lack of concentration. It also provides some relief from long stretches in cramped quarters without adequate ventilation when sleeping in an RV.

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